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    [40 minutes ago]
    moh7000 , 34, M, Egypt - his first comment
    i was wating for this movie
    [7 hours ago]
    dominick , 27, M, Tanzania, United Republic of - his first comment
    very good
    M 8V 9A 9
    [10 hours ago]
    Chichipio , 27, M, Antarctica - see his 7 comments
    I disagree with TikiThorsen. I actually didn't notice the CGI, and that's a very good thing.
    The movie was pretty good (if you like dystopia and the dilemma of AI). I think Banderas did a good job showing that struggle.
    M --V 10A 10
    [11 hours ago]
    patelp12 , 25, M, United States - see his 14 comments
    A/V quality is much better than rated. Also, the link below is perfect for ape sign language parts which is a must have.
    [12 hours ago]
    tariq2013 , 26, M, Saudi Arabia - his first comment
    I like this movie
    M 7V 7A 4
    [12 hours ago]
    niallktin , 32, M, Italy - see his 7 comments
    Good, not great. Ye cant beat a horror with a priest in it! On the downside....Chinese hard subs. Avoid! Picture is fine apart from something blurred out in the top right corner, which in fairness is not that noticeable. Music is louder than the speech more than normal which is a pain watching a horror as you need to turn it up way past normal and then BAM, something jumps out or whatever and instead of being given a fright ur being given a dose of tinnitus! Look elseware if you ask me.
    M 8V 10A 10
    [12 hours ago]
    manilaashia , 48, M, United Kingdom - see his 263 comments
    good movie.worth downloading. the movie starts on day 2 of the virus epidemic. at the end of the movie.then it shows you day 1 of the virus epidemic. how it started.Running Time (1hr-46min)
    M 2V 8A 7
    [12 hours ago]
    TikiThorsen , 31, M, Argentina - see his 33 comments
    Crap CGI/effects, crap action paired with crap storytelling and crap acting; worthless movie.
    M 5V 9A 9
    [12 hours ago]
    manilaashia , 48, M, United Kingdom - see his 263 comments
    ok movie. I agree with (vip adpspeed) when there is nothing on the box then I will watch this movie. I can not see it being more than a 5/10.Running Time (1hr-34) this is a ghost story.
    M 2V 8A 8
    [12 hours ago]
    manilaashia , 48, M, United Kingdom - see his 263 comments
    I love a good zombie movie.also zombie series the walking dead and z.nation.both are good but this movie is as close to a b-movie as you can get. whenzyi-patriot410 whats so special about this movie that you both rate it as a 7-8.sfx is crap.i do not recommend downloading this movie.Running Time (1hr-30)
    [13 hours ago]
    eichner55 , 59, F, Australia - see her 2 comments
    Funny, good movie. loved it
    M 7V 9A 9
    [14 hours ago]
    frankosheacork , 60, M, Ireland - see his 256 comments
    Good storyline, good action (when it happened !!) good acting and special effects. however the pace was very very very SLOW !.
    M 7V 9A 8
    [16 hours ago]
    mahesh7 , 29, M, India - see his 58 comments
    A troubled young boy, Oskar, is trying to cope with the loss of his father. Oskar starts lashing out at his mother and the world. Until a year later, he discovers a mysterious key in
    M 2V 8A 8
    [16 hours ago]
    freeflyer , 46, M, Netherlands - see his 48 comments
    Poor movie, considering the cast involved. I found it slow and it never really took off. I did manage to watch it to the end but personally I didn't enjoy.
    M 1V 9A 8
    [17 hours ago]
    johnbul , 50, M, United Kingdom - see his 87 comments
    complete CR#P dont bother its terrible
    M 6V 6A 7
    [18 hours ago]
    lyroy , 41, M, Romania - see his 57 comments
    sa vedem cum este!!!!
    M 8V 9A 9
    [20 hours ago]
    offshore , 30, M, Trinidad and Tobago - see his 24 comments
    good for the kids good work seven torrent
    M 7V 9A 10
    [22 hours ago]
    AlexCorvis , 30, M, Australia - see his 331 comments
    good one nice story. Hardcore Chinese sub titles
    M 10V 10A 10
    [23 hours ago]
    gpsouthall , 65, M, United Kingdom - see his 39 comments
    ivan1981 , 31, M, Greece - see his 3 comments
    Ok thenks for the movie
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