Total Torrents: 28,970
    Total Downloads: 45,771,128
    Total Comments: 41,724
    Registers: 122,161
    Ad Free Users: 220
    Online Users: 6,457
    30 Day Hits: 3,399,637

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      Download Utilities

    • µTorrent: The World's most popular torrent client utility (required for downloading torrents) [54983 clicks in 5 years]
    • BitTorrent: The World's most popular torrent client utility (required for downloading torrents) [3805 clicks in 5 years]
    • Azureus: The famous java torrent client utility [2531 clicks in 5 years]
    • GetRight: The professional download manager utility [2530 clicks in 5 years]
    • RevShared: Search any file in this program and it will find it on many sites over the net [2196 clicks in 4 years]
    • Websites

    • USENET (14 days free): The largest file database over the net, get14 DAYS FREE TRIAL!!! [197617 clicks in 4 years]
    • Imdb: The internet movie database [6829 clicks in 5 years]
    • Subscene: The best subtitle site for all languages [9685 clicks in 5 years]
    • ImpAwards: Movie poster site [2678 clicks in 5 years]
    • MoTechSubs: Subtitle site (Based on movie imdb id) [2648 clicks in 5 years]
    • MoTechPosters: Movie posters and covers (Based on movie imdb id) [2561 clicks in 5 years]
    • FarsiSubtitles: زیرنویس فارسی ‎ [1798 clicks in 5 years]
    • iDownloadAll: A good site to download mp3 [3594 clicks in 4 years]
    • StreamOlympicsLive: Watch Winter Olympics Games Live [10216 clicks in 4 years]
    • Play online Games [1705 clicks in 4 years]
    • Quick-Torrent: Convert any torrent to download link! Its not a joke, this site downloads any torrent you want for you then gives you the download link [28755 clicks in 3 years]
    • How to make money: Click the link and watch the video to see how you can make money with a minimum of 100$ deposit [9582 clicks in last year]
    • Players

    • KMPlayer: Another great all-in-one media player covering various formats such as VCD, DVD, ... [12163 clicks in 5 years]
    • Gom media player: A full featured software to synchronize subtitle with the movie [6588 clicks in 5 years]
    • WinDVD: The most powerful dvd player [2047 clicks in 5 years]
    • VLC Media Player: VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac ...) as well as DVDs, Audio CDs VCDs, and various streaming protocols [8695 clicks in 4 years]
    • Dziobas Rar Player: An amazing utility for playing videos splitted into several rar files without extracting it, for users complaining about rar movies [4309 clicks in 4 years]
    • Stereoscopic Player: This is the best free 3D player to play real 3D media, adaptable to any file type including Side-By-Side and interlaced... media that can be adjusted to use with any kind of passive glasses [704 clicks in 2 years]
    • Codecs

    • Direct X: Get the latest version of Microsoft DirectX to enhance your multimedia performance [2181 clicks in 4 years]
    • FFDSHOW: All codec libraries (good for professionals users) [1940 clicks in 5 years]
    • VobSub: Direct Vob Sub (Plugin to show subtitles in all players) [2184 clicks in 5 years]
    • AC3Filter: A high quality free audio decoder and processor filter. It allows media players to playback movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks [1776 clicks in 5 years]
    • DivX: Official DivX Codecs and utilities website [1971 clicks in 5 years]
    • XviD: Official XviD Codec website website [1764 clicks in 5 years]
    • Matroska (mkv): Official Matroska (mkv) codec website [1771 clicks in 5 years]
    • Convertion Tools

    • DVDFab: The most popular DVD ripper utility [2149 clicks in 5 years]
    • DVD43: DVD43 is free program that that integrates into Windows and decrypts DVDs on the fly [1926 clicks in 5 years]
    • ConvertXtoDVD: The most popular avi (divx,xvid,...) to dvd convertor utility [8738 clicks in 5 years]
    • AVIAddXSubs: Add subtitle to avi file, some DVD players only support embedded subtitles [1439 clicks in 4 years]
    • Internet

    • Mozilla Firefox: Upgrade to the speediest, safest and most advanced Firefox yet. [1570 clicks in 5 years]
    • TorrentPrivacy: Some ISPs today are tracking torrent downloaders and warn them. with this software you can download Torrents anonymously. [11262 clicks in 4 years]
    • TorrentPrivacy: Some ISPs today are tracking torrent downloaders and warn them. with this software you can download Torrents anonymously. [37709 clicks in 4 years]
    • Alexa Toolbar: Add this toolbar to your browser to quickly access to traffic rank of visiting website and a lot more features, click to learn more [2429 clicks in 4 years]
    • BTGuard: Are you afraid your ISP realize it when you download an illegal torrent? BTGuard makes you completely anonymous. [39209 clicks in 3 years]
    • HttpTunnel: Provides remote access via HTTP on its own network; creates an encrypted HTTP tunnel and so bypasses the local firewall, thus allows to access each network service and Wake On LAN (WOL) enabled devices on the network; contains FTP, Socks and HTTP proxy, can also be operated on an Android device or Java with optional [161 clicks in last year]
    • Antivirus and Antispyware

    • Eset Smart Security, Nod32: Best antivirus and antispyware [2529 clicks in 5 years]
    • Avast Antivirus: Best of free antiviruses [1969 clicks in 4 years]
    • Other useful softwares

    • 7Zip: Compression utility (Required to extract compressed files) [4925 clicks in 5 years]
    • Altap Salamander: The best file manager to replace windows explorer (I am amazed with this software! specially waiting for copy completion before starting another file copy) [1656 clicks in 5 years]
    • InstantLock: The best software I found for lock and hide folders and password protect folders [1855 clicks in 5 years]
    • Subtitle Workshop: A full featured utility to edit and synchronize subtitle with the movie [1731 clicks in 5 years]
    • TrayIt: Minimize applications to system tray to save taskbar space by pressing shift and clicking the minimize button. [1236 clicks in 5 years]
    • Babylon: Best translation software and dictionary tool (not free) [1130 clicks in 4 years]
    • MyPhoneExplorer: A great free software for organizing Sony Erricsson mobile phones using pc and send,receive and archive sms [1164 clicks in 4 years]
    • Babylon Translator: The worlds best tralslator [37020 clicks in 3 years]
    • SpyAgent: Monitor every computer from anywhere [849 clicks in 2 years]
    • Affiliation programs (Earn money from your site)

    • TorrentPrivacy: Introduce TorrentPrivacy to users of your site to prevent them from being tracked by ISPs when downloading torrents. [1677 clicks in 4 years]
    • BTGuard: Another bit-torrent encryption software affiliation program. I found this affiliation program more honest than other programs, the conversion rate is about 1:100 which I no affiliation program gives this number, also it gives you the banners [25739 clicks in 4 years]
    • Hotfile: Get payed for the links you insert into your site from hotfile [1153 clicks in 4 years]
    • AdMetrics: Affiliation programs with Good Payouts [1030 clicks in 3 years]
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    • Introduce your software to the world!: Do you want to introduce your software to the world? click here [1457 clicks in 5 years]

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